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Steve Hochfelsen

a Newport Beach-based business litigation attorney and legal author, focuses on high conflict business and commercial disputes in Federal and State courtrooms across California.

Steve is known throughout Southern California’s entrepreneurial circles as the go-to authority on trade secret disputes and insurance coverage clashes – including high conflict bad faith lawsuits against insurance giants.

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His track record of success for small and midsize companies in and around Orange County places him among an elite group of high stakes business litigators for small and midsize companies of every sort. Steve Hochfelsen is the frequent choice to be local counsel for national and global firms.

More recently lawyer Hochfelsen has become a well versed authority on both investor skirmishes in the nascent cannabis industry and as corporate counsel in the feverish Mergers and Acquisitions taking place in what some call California’s Green Rush; a steady legal hand in the state’s fastest changing legal field.

His new book, Profits of Denial, Insurance Companies Adding Insult to Injury, releases March 2020 through Sutton Hart Press. A frequent speaker, blogger, and expert legal commentator for media outlets nationwide, Steve can be reached at: [hidden email]