Steve Hochfelsen Expertise

Insurance Coverage Disputes and Bad Faith Lawsuits

Orange County, California business lawyer Steve Hochfelsen and his firm sue insurance companies on behalf of businesses involved in disputes about what their business insurance policy (or policies) cover(s) when a loss occurs. When an insurance company’s denials and delays are particularly egregious, Steve and his firm hold the offending insurer accountable with bad faith lawsuits.

California insurance coverage disputes include, among others:

  • Denying or refusing claim payments despite clear liability
  • Unreasonable delays in approving or denying claims
  • Refusal to defend an insured in a liability lawsuit
  • Insurance company denies a claim based on application errors
  • Suing insurance companies based on breach of contract
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Insurance fraud
  • Lack of coverage

When an insurance company’s delays or denials are unreasonable, a seasoned insurance coverage lawyer who successfully sues insurance companies frequently can level the playing field for wronged businesses and individuals. For Los Angeles and Orange County companies facing a wrongfully denied insurance claim, Steve Hochfelsen can tell you your rights and options, based on two decades’ experience suing many of the largest U.S. insurance firms.

Cannabis Industry Litigation and M&A of California Cannabis Firms

California cannabis companies evolved, or more accurately are evolving, from a cottage industry into a multi-billion dollar phenomenon. Conflicts over money and services arise, now involving substantial sums and cannabis firms are buying others, doing IP deals, and merging with abandon. Unfortunately, inexperienced entrepreneurs, unsophisticated investors, regulators and marketers often find themselves in conflicts over money and performance.

Steve Hochfelsen is one of a handful of Orange County – Los Angeles lawyer who brings both business litigation experience and cannabis sector expertise to the table when things go awry. Circumstances where a cannabis litigation and M&A lawyer are critical include:

  • Retail and dispensaries, grow operations, and logistics real estate disputes
  • Intellectual property claims, e.g. extraction processes
  • HR (employment) problems unique to the marijuana industry
  • Investor claims (individual and group)
  • Cannabis firm securities defense
  • Lawsuits stemming from conflicting regulations
  • Purchase and sale of companies and assets
  • Company mergers and acquisitions

Steve constantly monitors changes in the cannabis corporate and legal landscape, advising industry participants and would-be participants when conflict arises based on the latest rules and realities.

Trade Secret Protection and Remedies & Customer Solicitation Disputes

Steve Hochfelsen hears constantly from Orange County and Los Angeles area employers seeking help when an employee leaves the firm and then solicits the company’s customers. They want to know how to stop it. At the same time an employee might seek Steve’s counsel on the legalities of contacting customers developed while at a previous firm.

Legal matters Steve addresses for Orange County businesses and individuals include:

  • Trade secret protection
  • Employment contracts
  • Defending allegations of trade secret violation
  • Injunctive (getting an injunction) relief to enjoin (stop) solicitation
  • Customer solicitation lawsuits
  • Trade secret exceptions
  • Trade secret disputes, arbitration, mediation, and lawsuits

Employer and ex-employee conflicts are constant and experience is as valuable as rules for a business lawyer with a focus on trade secret lawsuits and customer solicitation issues.

Mr. Hochfelsen is a noted business trial lawyer, an advantage in difficult pre-litigation settlement negotiations as opponents know he is fully prepared and eager to go to trial when his client’s rights have been violated or are in jeopardy.

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