Steve Hochfelsen, Lawyer - Author, Tapped for MENSA Annual Conference Keynote

California Business Attorney Steve Hochfelsen to Present: Profits of Denial at MENSA's AG in Arizona

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Steve Hochfelsen, Lawyer - Author, Tapped for MENSA Annual Conference Keynote

Steve Hochfelsen, a California business trial lawyer focused on commercial litigation, is set for a keynote presentation at MENSA's Annual Gathering on July 6th in Phoenix, Arizona.

MENSA Annual Gathering attendees, all members of the exclusive ultra-high IQ global community, will consider Hochfelsen's presentation: Profits of Denial – Insurance Companies Adding Insult to Injury, based on his forthcoming eponymously titled book wherein reveals:

  • The friendly faced zany characters of insurance advertising concealing the insurance industry's darkest truth – well-known companies boosting profits by denying and delaying legitimate claims for no reason other than increasing their bottom line.
  • Case after case from America's courtrooms of insured victims denied coverage dying from denied medical procedures, shuttering family businesses when storm claims are refused, and other case studies where insurance company misconduct shatters families and lives of the insurers' trusting customers.
  • An out of control industry with nominal accountability and bloated profits.

Author Hochfelsen suggests insurance companies are grown often on the backs and bodies of their victims and warns this MENSA audience, and others, about the massive fine print that enables a predatory insurance industry to continue their treacherous ways.

The big idea trial lawyer Hochfelsen will share his solution to this crisis where a policyholder can turn the tables on powerful insurers and their legions of lawyers to demand and receive accountability, compensation, and justice.

For a population that relies on the insurance industry to take care of our health, our businesses, and cover other risks when the worst happens, Hochfelsen's ideas and counsel can be lifesaving when those companies delay or deny.

"This audience is ideally suited to consider and opine on ideas on holding the most powerful U.S. corporations accountable for their treatment of our citizens and small businesses."

The MENSA national conference marks the start of author Hochfelsen's 2019 speaking tour.

MENSA is a global community with the membership qualification standardized testing results in the population's top two percent. The nonprofit's purpose is to conduct research in psychology and social science, identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity and serve as a means for stimulating intellectual and social contacts among its membership.

Steve co-founded Hochfelsen and Kani, a Newport Beach, California based business law trial firm with a national footprint. Steve is a well-known legal blogger, provides expert legal commentary for media outlets, and is the author of a second book - Profits of Denial: Insurance Companies Adding Insult to Injury set for late 2019 release at Sutton Hart Press.